Transitioning into Fall with Floral

As someone who thrives on staying busy, I’m looking forward to the crazy week ahead. My posts over the next few days will likely be short and sweet as I squeeze in blogging time between work, a two-day conference, a board meeting, a night class, and planning/shopping for Thanksgiving, which I am hosting this weekend. It should be a fun few days!

Today’s look reminds me of Fall, which is appropriate as the leaves all around me have been changing colours for a couple weeks. At first, I was in extreme denial about the seasons changing, but as I’ve been collecting Fall fashion ideas my attitude has improved a bit. Today’s outfit is an attempt to transition out of summer and into Fall. The length and print of the skirt let me hang on to the delusion that it’s still summer, while the warm colour palate provides a nice segue into slightly cooler temperatures.

Here’s the look:


And the one that inspired it:


Link to the above photo:

Here’a how today’s outfit breaks down:

-Shirt: Black v-neck t-shirt by Mossimo. $5 from Target

-Skirt: Cream, yellow, and green floral print skirt. Around $15 from Ricki’s

-Shoes: Low wedges in black with rounded-toes. Around $70 from Aldo

-Belt: Brown woven leather belt with floral etching and silver studs. Around $20

-Necklace: Multi-strand necklace with large hammered silver beads from Lia Sophia. A gift

-Bracelets: Silver beaded bracelet with silver heart charm: Around $1. Brown wooden cuff: Around $5

-Earrings: Cultured pearl studs. A gift

There you have it. A brand new outfit to start off a busy week. Check back over the coming days to see how I am (grudgingly) embracing the changing seasons. Talk to you again soon.

Ciao for now!


Casual Friday, Roughriders Style

Saskatchewan Roughriders Logo
Saskatchewan Roughriders Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the perfect Casual Friday look picked out but then I remembered that it’s Roughriders game day so I had to make a last minute substitution. My team’s been in a bit of a slump lately so I had to demonstrate that, win or lose, true fans always show their Rider Pride! The look I put together is similar to the inspiration photo but I subbed in my team t-shirt and colours. I really like the outfit I had originally planned to share with you today so watch for it in a future post.

Here’s the look:


And the one that inspired it:


Link to the above photo:

Here’s how today’s look breaks down:

-Shirt: Green I ❤ Roughriders t-shirt. FREE! (I won it as a door prize a few years ago when I went to Boston Pizza to watch a game)

-Blazer: Black cotton blazer by Suzy Shier. About $20 from Value Village

-Jeans: Dark wash skinny jeans. About $70 from the Gap

-Shoes:Black and white snake skin pumps by Jimmy Choo. $600 from Jimmy Choo in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

-Belt: Silver braided belt by Steve Madden. About $35 from the Steve Madden store in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

-Necklace: Multi-strand silver chain necklace. About $10 from Ardene

-Bracelets: The thick cuff was around $25 from Laura’s Fashions in Canora, SK. The smaller bangles were about $5 and the beaded bracelet is by Michael Kors and was a gift.

-Earrings: Cultured pearl studs. A gift.

Thanks for checking in. I’ve had a fun week and I’m already looking forward to sharing some fresh new inspiration with you next week. Have a terrific weekend! (And GO RIDERS GO!)

Ciao for now.

Office Polka Dots & Tips for Building a Wardrobe You Love

Today’s look is a fairly typical office ensemble, which features a great polka-dot blouse that I actually paid full price for at my favourite local clothing store, Tonic. I particularly like the ruching at the neckline, the flattering cut of the shirt, and the buttons that go up the entire back. I loved this top so much that I decided to buy it before I even knew how much it cost. I realize this is not a profound move for most people, but for me it’s pretty rare. I fall in love with things pretty easily when I go shopping so I usually reserve my judgement about how much I like an item until I know how much it costs. I acknowledge that this sounds terribly frugal, but it saves me from being incredibly broke.

On the flip side, I generally avoid looking at the price tag on an item until after I have tentatively decided whether I like it. The reason being, I used to have a closet full of clothes that didn’t quite fit right, or weren’t an ideal colour, or were otherwise less than satisfactory, all because I convinced myself to buy something because, “WOW! It’s such a great bargain!” I eventually learned that something is only a great bargain if you liked it before you knew the price and then the price turned out to be less than you would have been willing to pay for it. This mindset is one of my greatest tricks for avoiding the dreaded “I have a closet full of clothes, but I have nothing to wear” phenomenon.

Here’s today’s outfit:


And the look that inspired it:


Link to the above photo:

Here’s how today’s look breaks down:

-Shirt: Sleeveless polka-dot blouse by lovelygirl. About $40 at Tonic

-Sweater: Fuchsia cardigan by Alfred Sung. $15 at Costco

-Pants: Black skinny pants. About $30 from Winners

-Shoes: Low wedges in black with rounded-toes. About $70 from Aldo

-Necklace: Turquoise statement necklace with gold chain. About $15 from Suzy Shier

-Purse: Burnt orange crossbody bag. A gift

Thanks for dropping by. Check in tomorrow for my final post of the week. I’ll be digging through inspiration photos this evening to find a great casual Friday outfit to share with you.

Ciao for now.

A Recreation of A Fellow Blogger’s Recreation

What started as a road-raging commute to work (and I ride my bike!) has become a really wonderful day. I spent most of my day listening to students share personal stories that connected what they had learned in class to their own experience. It was a powerful experience. I feel very blessed to have a career where I am paid to learn and to interact with amazing people who inspire me to keep getting better at what I do.

And now, on to the clothes…

Today’s outfit was inspired by a fellow blogger, whose outfit was actually a recreation of another look. So today’s outfit is a recreation of a recreation. I only discovered this funny fact as I traced back the original link to the photo that had inspired me on Pinterest. I encourage you to check out this woman’s blog as she has tons of great posts that fans of this blog might enjoy.

My look today is comprised almost entirely of items you’ve seen me wear before on the blog. With just some minor reworking I got a brand new look out of a bunch of old clothes. Just like yesterday, this outfit got me to dig into my goodie-drawer that has some of my grandma’s old jewelry, which is where I found this necklace. I’d been hanging on to it for a while, figuring I would eventually find an outfit that it would be suited for, and now I’m glad I did, as I think it adds the perfect touch to today’s look.

Here’s what I’m wearing:


And the outfit that inspired it:


Link to the above photo:

Here’s how today’s outfit breaks down:

-Shirt: Black and white striped three-quarter length sleeve t-shirt by Joe Fresh. About $20 from Superstore

-Skirt: Purple pencil skirt. $10 at Ricki’s

-Belt: Black skinny belt from Le Chateau. This belt is actually the one that came with the skirt I was wearing yesterday, so it didn’t cost me anything extra.

-Shoes: Shiny black pumps from the Comfort Plus line by Predictions. $25 from Payless Shoesource

-Tights: Black floral print pantyhose. About $10

-Necklace: Baby blue plastic beaded necklace. A hand-me-down from my grandma.

Thanks for dropping by and remember to share any feedback or suggestions that you have. I love hearing from you! I hope you are having a fabulous week and that you’ll check in again tomorrow.

Ciao for now.

An Early Copycat Creation Helps Unearth Sentimental Treasures

Today’s outfit was one of the first copycat looks I ever attempted. The inspiration for this look came from the cover photo for InStyle‘s book, The New Secret’s of Style. I loved this outfit right away, particularly because I already had all of the pieces I would need to recreate it. One of my favourite things about this outfit is the way it helped me to incorporate some of my grandma’s old costume jewelry into my everyday wardrobe. I had a few necklaces of hers that had lain unworn for years in my jewelry box, as I could never think of a way to match them with a modern look. My grandma even joked about how I might never wear them unless I went to some old-fashioned dress up event someday. I think she would be very happy to know that the pieces she gave to me, many of which had been gifts to her from my grandpa, are regularly being put to good use and have become some of my most treasured possessions.

Here’s today’s look:


And the one that inspired it:


Link to the above photo:

Here’s how today’s look breaks down:

-Shirt: White cotton button up blouse. About $20

-Skirt: Black pencil skirt. About $70 from Le Chateau

-Belt: Thick woven red vintage belt. $10 from a used clothing store in downtown Toronto

-Shoes: Leopard-print, pointy-toed pumps. About $60 from Le Chateau

-Bracelet: Thick gold bangle. About $20 from Nordstrom

-Necklace: Vintage gold statement necklace with orange gems. A gift

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check in again tomorrow.

Ciao for now.